Livingston County

Livingston County, Photographs 2006-2010
Jonathan Lipkin
Available here 


The small towns of Geneseo, York, Piffard and Cuylerville in Western New York are home to salt miners, farmers, and other workers. Livingston County explores the physical and psychological environment of these men and women. While only forty minutes from downtown Rochester, these towns are semi-rural in character, although there is little unused land. Mostly one can see cornfields, small houses and shopping malls. In spite of the relatively high population density, there is a sense of isolation in these small towns, and people gather in bars and sportsmen’s clubs, homes and restaurants.

What I found is a complicated blend of aggression and tenderness, compassion and brutality, as I was greeted open arms and a wariness that befit my status as an outsider.

– Jonathan Lipkin

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