River’s Bisectors

River’s Bisectors
Eugenijus Barzdžius
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One of the curious stories that comes along with whole project, that I have done it while studying at University of Wales, Newport (Last year it was rebranded to South Wales). It took me for several weeks actively think about that peace of a map that I received as geographical boundaries for my project. The rest was up to me: to come up with any idea or proposal. When I crystallised my idea of taking river straights and drawing them into an average straight, and when two straights were meeting, they are creating geometrically measurable angle, from which a bisector can be extended to the nearest road and by this way creating a vantage point.

So I was trying to explain this idea for 1,5 hour for my tutor – Paul Reas in front of our course group, who said that I am keeping the longest debate record for one’s idea in University of Wales. And I must not only be thankful for his attentive listening and that showed will to understand, even though it was quite a challenge for him at the beginning. But he continued to question my idea like a coach for an athlete trying to find weak muscles with a wish of better results. So he actually let me work on my idea with no further assistance. But when he saw the book he was pleasantly surprised and it was very well evaluated among other academic staff. And also rumours about that long discussion went on for more than a year among younger colleagues.

– Eugenijus Barzdžius 

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