The Line

The Line
Palindromo Mészáros
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MJ: A powerfully visual representation of a tragic occurrence, the line does not discriminate or avoid, it’s cuts through landscapes that require a double take for at first this addition of colour seems quite intentional and beautiful.


4th of October, 2010 at 12.25pm in Ajka, Veszprém county, Hungary: around a million cubic meters of toxic waste were released after the rupture of the retaining wall in one of the reservoirs used for the accumulation of MAL aluminum company trash. The spill reached two meters high and started a destructive race trying to release its energy, flooding the nearby Devecser and Kolontár villages. Ten human casualties were counted and material damages were impossible to measure, including the destruction or irreparable deterioration of numerous houses, the disappearance of infrastructures and the poisoning of dozens of fields. The accident was at first sight considered the biggest catastrophe of Hungarian history.

These photos have been taken six months after the accident when silence takes place of the headlines, and just The Line is left.

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