The River Sherbourne

The River Sherbourne
Jessica Bell
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The River Sherbourne by Jessica Bell

“The River Sherbourne runs from outside the City of Coventry at Hawkes End, flowing through the suburban landscape, to the centre where the river is culverted into underground tunnels. The river continues its journey, re-emerging at Far Gosfard Street, where it flows through the land until it joins the River Sowe.

With aims to create a visual representation of the journey of the River Sherbourne, this photobook focuses on the river and its surrounding area as a subject. The photobook challenges social issues such as the interaction of man and nature, and how they try to coexist. Throughout this body of work the presence of the photographer is evident, with the photobook echoing their personal journey of discovery; yet the intrusion of the photographer is not overly dominant, ensuring that space and distance is allowed, permitting each viewer to create their own experience and journey with the River Sherbourne.”

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