Enigmas De La Luz En Superficie

Enigmas De La Luz En Superficie
Màrgara De Haene Rosique
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“The images shown here, were made in the photographic emulsion production workshops of Catalina de la Cruz and the artist book’s edition workshop of the artist Carmen Cardemil, both during a research internship which ran April and May 2013 in Santiago, Chili. The book is one of the results of the research project “interpretative keys of the image” which was carried out in the Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro, Mexico.”

Márgara De Haene Rosique – “I travel through my camera hoping to find the precise moment in which the lights finds the surface and produces an image. It is not the objects which attract my eyes, but the imagery created when photographing the occurrence of light in contact with the limits of the world’s physicality; the instantce in which the observed reality is lit makes me consider the quality of light on the surface. On the surface the light slides, flows, travels through the plain that changes in function of its qualities and the journey of my photographic look meets the presence of images that the eye does not perceive at first sight. The surface of the sea becomes skin; the clouds are an ocean; in a silent pond a zigzag is drawn; a wall is a mirage. ”

Carmen Cardemil – “In this book, De Haene uses analogical XIX and XX centuries techniques, generally used for portraits, and, with an accurate intuition, she works with them to print, in the old ways, her uninhabited landscape pictures in which people never appear. In these series, the artist addresses the world. It is a clean world, almost empty of human signs. She looks at it and teaches us to see it as a face. To see the most mysterious and rare of faces. To see the most arduously desired, the most beloved face.”

Catalina De La Cruz – “These photographic images are part of a registry built throughout the years across different journeys. Landscapes that portray diverse geographies, with sea, rivers, clouds, forests, threes and solitary leaves, gorges and rocks, beaches, sand and ice, whose touching point is, seemingly, the expression of pure nature. These are fragments extracted from vast latitudes, which could easily stay within their reality, but end up taking another course.”

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