Bayerns Schattenseite. Flächenverbrauch ohne Ende?

Bayerns Schattenseite. Flächenverbrauch ohne Ende?
Richard Mergner
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Bavaria is a leader in the area of consumption. About 18 hectares of land area (about 25 football fields) are obstructed every day. Bavarian cities and municipalities outdo in the designation of commercial areas. Urban sprawl is despite demographic change continues unchecked. New and upgraded roads cut through the Bavarian countryside. In the villages and towns forfeited the houses. In the Old Town and inner cities are increasing the amount of vacant shops. On the green meadow is increasingly shopping malls and discount stores are spreading. The uniformity of the town and village borders increases alarmingly.

In the focus back, which is often beyond our conscious awareness. Therefore, it’s the photographer Robert Schlaug documented this dark side of modern Bavaria. Without overpowering and instructive comments, he shows 128 pictures of everyday Bayern beyond the tourist highlights. It is abundantly clear: Bayern lose in all administrative districts more and more from itsuniversally admired beauty.

Richard Mergner complements the image part by a properly competent introduction to the topic of land use. He calls critically the causes and consequences, but also shows possible solutions.

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